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Yellow flower field 2

by Vietnamese Artist
Duong Ngoc Son

US$ 700

Product Description

A work of art is not a mere decoration on the wall, but a complete organism, that talks to us through color, form, and texture. And using its language, contemporary Asian artist Duong Ngoc Son conveys the message, inscribed in wide brush-strokes and juicy, sun-like coloring, the message of harmony and perfection of the world.

US$ 700
Dimensions 60 x 60 cm | 24 x 24 inches

Oil on Canvas

The painting you are interested in has already been sold. See "Commission" if you would like the artist to create a custom piece for you.

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Ships same day and arrives in 5 days in USA and Europe and 3 days in Asia
All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity
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