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Lady with bird

by Vietnamese Artist
Luong Dung

US$ 1,100

Product Description

Birds, creatures of the sky and air, associated with lightness and changeability often symbolize female nature. In this piece of contemporary Asian painting by Luong Dung, the fluidity of the shapes is accentuated by the graphic visual language and vivid texture. Simple lines and sparse composition in browns and off-whites make this piece very appealing.

US$ 1,100
Dimensions 80 x 95 cm | 31 x 37 inches

Oil on Canvas

The painting you are interested in has already been sold. See "Commission" if you would like the artist to create a custom piece for you.

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Ships same day and arrives in 5 days in USA and Europe and 3 days in Asia
All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity
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