Binh Studio


Born 1954 in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Binh is inspired by classical music and Japanese poetry to create meaningful canvases based on simple, but well-executed brush strokes.

His paintings are poetic and perhaps romantic, and at the same time carefully observed and boldly executed. His use of space is a very significant factor and an integral part of his works. His limited use of color is equally characteristic of his work, featuring white, brown, beige, and grey as his signature tones. Although Thanh Binh has been influenced by western art and its aesthetics, his art falls well within the philosophical and aesthetic sphere of Asian art.

“The structure in my paintings tells the viewer many things beyond the surface. The aim in my work is to condense the narrative. There are never a lot of people in my paintings. I like minimal subject and a maximum idea just like Japanese Haiku or Tang dynasty poetry. I like Haiku very much because it is very simple and contains many ideas. I have no difficulty with simplicity but I need a lot of time for a painting. Sometimes I work on a painting for a few days, a few weeks, or even years.”